Reports in Detail

The Vocational Assessment Report is conducted by a Rehabilitation Counsellor.

Our Vocational Reports typically provide:
  • Profile of functional restrictions
  • Lost earnings calculations
  • Vocationally relevant skills audit
  • Identification of vocational options
  • Labour market profile
  • Education, training & employment history
  • Vocational rehabilitation service recommendations and associated costs

The Activity of Daily Living Report is conducted by an Occupational Therapist.


A comprehensive overview of the claimant’s injury, treatments to date, their pre-injury roles and recovery date.

Past Care

A detailed appraisal of past gratuitous care, carefully cross referenced to pre-injury roles and responsibilities.


Comprehensive information of all recommended equipment including photo rationale for need, costings, and replacement timelines.

Professional Services

Requirements for ongoing professional services such as occupational therapy, physiotherapy, pain management programs, home modifications, funds managements, etc.


Of the client’s physical, cognitive and psychological capacity to perform tasks of daily living - personal care and domestic work, community access, carer roles, employment, leisure and recreation.

Past Care Valuation and Future Costs (Cost of Care Report)

This is a supplementary report containing a spreadsheet of gratuitous hours including valuation at the statutory rate from the date of injury, as well as the commercial weekly costs for all future care and domestic assistance recommendations.

Other Services

Recommendations for non-professional services such as handyman, gardeners, builders for home modifications, removalists, etc.

Cost of Care reports provide accurate market rates for in-home nursing and domestic services. We are confident our Cost of Care Reports will quickly become a valuable resource for your business and look forward to being of service.

Cost of Care provides accurate market rate reports for in-home nursing and domestic services for law firms running personal injury claims, health professionals and medico-legal assessors making an assessment.

Our experience has shown us that the costs of in-home nursing care and domestic services vary considerably, both between providers and across regions, within and outside the metropolitan areas.

For example, the average hourly rates for a personal carer can vary by as much as $10.00 per hour between providers and $7.00 per hour for the average hourly market rate between regions of NSW.

Recognising that accuracy is essential, we have endeavoured to create the most specific and accurate data base of in-home care market rates ever available to the legal industry.

When you proceed to mediation or settlement you can be confident that the rates we provide in our reports are a far more accurate and specific reflection of the average market rate than has ever been provided before.

Our Cost of Care Reports are:


The rates we quote in our Cost of Care reports are sourced only from those in-home service providers that operate within the claimant’s locale.


The average market rates we quote are sourced from a minimum of 6 service providers (in some regions up to 12) across 21 regions of metro and rural NSW (with the exception of remote rural areas where there are fewer service providers).


Our thoroughly researched reports are sourced from over 80 current registered providers covering multiple.

Requesting a Report

You are welcome to either:

01. Call our office

To arrange an appointment for one of our experts to assess your client in their home, and then post the paperwork.

01. Post your paperwork to us

Including the claimants contact details and your required-by-date so we can arrange the appointment directly. If you would prefer us not to contact the claimant, please specify this in your instructing letter. If you have posted the paperwork we will send an email acknowledging receipt of the same

02. Email confirmation for appointment

Once the appointment is arranged a confirmation email will be sent which sets out the appointment details as well as the anticipated report completion date. We aim to have our reports completed 3 weeks from the appointment date.

03. Confirmation letter for appointment

The claimant will be sent a letter confirming the appointment date and time with a request to allow up to 3 hours for the appointment.

04. Phone call with the assigned expert

A day or two before the appointment the expert assigned will also call the claimant to introduce themselves, re-confirm the appointment and explain the assessment process. They may also request the claimant to do some preparation beforehand (e.g. prepare past care notes) in order to streamline the assessment. This is dependent on approval to contact the claimant directly.

05. Invoice sent via email

As our terms are pre-pay 14 days, we will email the invoice upon completion of the report. The report with be released upon settlement of our account. Urgent reports can be advanced by email.

We do everything possible to accommodate urgent assessments.

Our typical turnaround sees us providing an assessment appointment within 14-28 days of instruction (subject to client availability) and delivering a completed report within a further 21 days.

These reports outline the claimant’s reasonable and necessary need for past and future care, domestic assistance, professional services, home modifications and equipment.

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