It’s taken us a while but we’ve now moved to electronic news as our preferred way of staying in touch and sharing the latest news at CDC services.

What’s new at CDC?

We have been actively building on our team so that we can widen our service offering as well as the range of injuries we are able to assess:

Vocational: Ross Girdler

Ross Girdler has recently re – joined CDC after taking a break to manage a national rehabilitation company’s regional office. Ross is a Rehabilitation Counsellor with over 17 years of experience providing rehabilitation services to people injured at work and in motor vehicle or other accidents, including most recently assisting Australian Defence Force members. This experience has enabled Ross to develop a thorough appreciation of how various impairments affect a person’s ability to work in specific occupations, and in how injuries affect employability in differing labour markets. Ross is able to provide a broad range of expert opinion on employment including, but not limited to, capacity to work and earn, labour market analysis, total and permanent disablement, recommendations on retraining, and opinion on loss of earnings.

Mental Health: Laura Lopes

Laura is a highly qualified senior Occupational Therapist and since 2005 a program coordinator for two state-wide tertiary referral and highly specialised child and adolescent mental health units. Laura has completed post graduate training in various therapeutic modalities including family therapy, sensory modulation in mental health, trauma informed care, managing challenging behaviours, working with survivors of trauma and sexual assault, recovery orientated practice and training in clinical supervision for mental health professionals.

Paediatrics: Kate Morris (Occupational Therapist)

Kate has worked in acute and rehabilitation hospital settings as well as community based organisations-treating clients with orthopaedic and neurological conditions. Over the past 5 years she has specialized in assessing and treating both children and adolescents with a range of conditions including those with orthopaedic injuries, Cerebral Palsy and Autism Spectrum Disorders, brain injury, movement disorders, sensory processing disorder and learning difficulties.

Occupational Rehabilitation/ Injury Management: Jocelyn Dacic (Occupational Therapist)

Jocelyn has 15 years post graduate work experience both in Australia and the Middle East. She has worked across a wide range of clinical settings including occupational rehabilitation, injury management, paediatrics and adult rehabilitation. She also has experience working with children and adults in the disability sector in enhancing their opportunities in the community with recreation and vocational opportunities. In addition to her expert opinion work for CDC Services, Jocelyn currently operates a WorkCover accredited Occupational Rehabilitation firm.

Community Care: Naomi Cezana (Occupational Therapist)

Naomi is an all-round generalist Occupational Therapist who has solid clinical experience in inpatient settings within orthopaedic, spinal and cardiac rehabilitation, paediatrics and the aged. Her most recent role involved the co-ordination and management of Home Care Packages within the home care industry. Her occupational therapy services included prescribing home modifications, equipment recommendations, ADL assessments and client education. The combination of her sound assessment skills and client centred approach enable her clients to reach their goals.

For more information on these Experts please refer to the profiles on our website or feel free to call us on 1300 798 631.

We would like your thoughts?

Our team of Experts meet regularly to share knowledge and continually improve our medico legal reports. At our recent Professional Development day we discussed future childcare and whilst we are aware that it is currently not compensable; our question is whether an allowance for increased domestic assistance for the additional housework, meal preparation and laundry generated by future children, would be admissible? Your thoughts and experience on this subject would be welcomed, please email us at